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 A10000 Feature
 • 1U-height compact-size designation.
 • Provides 252 252 VC12 level, or 12 12 VC3 level, or 4 4 VC4 level non-     blocking cross connection, supporting unidirectional, bi-directional and      broadcasting.
 • Provides sub-network connection protection and 1+1 multiplex section protection.
 • Applicable for a number of network configurations : point to point, linear, ring, etc.
 • Provides E1, STM-1o, FE traffic interfaces.
 • Provides 2M Retiming function for E1 interfaces.
 • Provides three levels of VC4, VC3 and VC12 cross connect for 100Base-T2      module, supporting both LAPS and GFP EOS encapsulation and LCAS standard.
 • Provides virtual concatenation function for 100Base-T2, and the maximum virtual      concatenation quantity for VC3 level is 2 and for VC12 is 47.
 • Provides one extended slots reserving traffics to be extended.
 • Capacity for interfaces :
          - E1 interface: up to 8 channels(main board)
          - E1 interface : up to 16 channels(sub board)
          - 100Base-T2(2 WAN) Ethernet interface : up to 2 channels(main board, optional)
          - STM-1 optical interface : up to 2 channels(main board)
 • Either way for the use of traffic: independent or protecting each other among      optical interfaces.
 • Provides orderwire interface (2-wire interface), with the functions of group calling      and selected calling.
 • One 64 kbit/s V.11 user data interface per optical interface.
 • Provides timing synchronous interface :
          - 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz external clock
          - 2048 kbit/s tributary
          - STM-1 timing source inputs
          - SSM function
          - 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz external timing source output
 • Provides DCC channel of D1 to D3; Using TCP/IP communication protocol.
 • Provides F (10Base-T) and f (RS232) network management interfaces for      configuration, alarm, performance, maintenance and security functions of ITU-T      definition.
 • Provides ports for four Housekeeping Alarms, four Housekeeping Controls, and a      set of Alarm Output interface.
 • Provides local/remote firmware download: in-service upgrading is available for      easy maintenance.
 • Allows upgrading hardware configuration data without replacing equipment.
 • Provides the network management for remote connection via serial interface or      LAN, which allows monitoring remote NE.
 • Supports the following application of fiber transmission :
          - Super Long-Distance (<80km)
          - Long-Distance (540km)
          - Short Distance (<15km)
 • Meet RoHS and lead-free design requirements.

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