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OpticalEdge E10000
As a key member of IPtran Technology "OpticalEdge" SDH/MSPP Product family, OpticalEdge E10000 is a carrier-class, cost-effective, compact (only 1U high) SDH/MSPP platform that is designed for applications in metro and access networks to facilitate the efficient transport of traditional TDM and emerging data traffic for service providers.
 • OpticalEdge E10000
OpticalEdge E10000 is a modularized unit with 4 universal slots, supporting different interface cards, such as STM-1 fiber optic cards, E1 cards, Ethernet cards (EoS VCAT), and V.35 card. The main board cross-connect capacity is 504 504 VC-12s (8 8 VC-4s), allowing non-blocking adding/dropping services among different interfaces.
It supports the hybrid transmission of SDH, PDH, Ethernet and N 64K V.35 services within the same equipment. It also supports 2048 2048 64K (full 64E1) cross-connect capacity using FDXC64 card. With the large capacity cross-connect matrix, the OpticalEdge E10000 can be configured as ADM, TM, and REG. It is suitable for multiple network topologies such as point-to-point, chain, ring, hub, and mesh networks.
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