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DSLAM 9048
DSLAM 9048 mini IP-DSLAM is revolutionary product with a capability to interface directly with evolving IP network in cost effective manner. The Gigabit Ethernet Network uplink interface on the DSLAM 9048 directly connects to an internet router or LAN Switch.

The DSLAM 9048 is an advanced IP based DSLAM that can be used by service providers interested in offering broadband multi-service features on the last mile access network on copper based local loop, it offers ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+ interfaces and delivers advanced IP services that include QoS, multicast, subscriber management. These service features, stave off clogging and congestion of the bandwidth available to the users allowing smooth, easy and efficient passage of video, voice and data packets across the networks.
The DSLAM 9048 comes in a very compact designed with splitter build-in and can be used as desktop unit or can be mounted on the rack. It fits in width of 19 inch and 23 inch rack through the optional rack mount-kit.

The DSLAM 9048 has 48 ADSL Subscriber ports and 2 optical Gigabit Ethernet Network uplink interfaces. Using any of the uplink types it is possible to stack the DSLAM 9048 units and aggregate multiple units over a common network connection.

The feature rich design make DSLAM 9048 the most economical and suitable solution for next generation broadband access platforms.
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